Fringe Skirt

Fringe has been gracing the runways of New York Fashion Week this and although its showcasing garments for Spring 2015, its never to early to use fringe for Fall. Well known fashion like Michael Kors, Chanel, and Lanvin have taken Fringe to whole other level. Its used to create looks from the 1920s, Flapper era,to an Old West Cowgirl look. It can be dressed down or up depending on the occasion. (


1. Just Cavalli Fringed Dress, $1,025;

2. Topshop Lace Fringe Kimono, $60;

3. Zara Printed Jacket With Fringes, $79.90;

4. H&M Tank Top with Fringe, $14.95;

5. BCBG Fringe Contour Waist Belt, $98;

6. Haute Hippie Trapped Rayon Fringe Skirt with Leather; $545;

7. Tim Ryan Multi Pink Chevron Fringe Top, $860;

From “All Fashion Design” blog…

DIY Fringe Skirt

Very easy DIY project…HAVE FUN DIY’ing!


Kimono…just throw it on!

Kimono 2                 Kimono1kimono3

My favorite trend this summer would have to be kimonos and high-waisted short but for now I’ll talk about KIMONOS. Kimonos come in different variation of styles, it can be worn short or long. Kimonos you can basically wear with anything dress, jeans, or shorts. The Kimono is the one the most comfortable, easy to wear, lightweight, and also easy to make trend this season. So go get your tanks, short shirts and kimono, tote bag and GO! UK based site,  announced that they sell one kimono a minute, basically 10,000+  week! They are definitely the thing to wear, and if you don’t have one now get one before Fall comes and we have to wear sweaters. Or better yet make one!

My own disclamer: Hand stitching is VERY consuming unless you have a 2-3 hour movie to watch, find a sewing machine I wish I would’ve done that instead. 

So I’m all for making your own clothes especially when clothes tend to be wayyyyyyy overpriced, like the Kimonos this season. Kimonos are ranging from $2  0-$168+, but before I even knew I wanted to make one myself so to YouTube I went. Found this video by LaurDIY, probably the best one that I look at. Fabric store time! Joann’s was having a 50% off on Silky Prints so I chose this Chiffon fabrics with multi-color design with a black background perfect for matching any tank. Originally this fabric was 12.99/yd but it was on sale for 6.49/yd (I got 2 yards) and also I could use my Student discount and the month I bought it Joann’s increased the student discount to 20% off so all together it was just under $17. Could be cheaper or more depending on how long or short you would like it to be. HAVE FUN DIY’n!

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